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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does Therapy Cost?
My rate is $200 per clinical hour. If the hourly rate is out of reach for you, I offer a sliding
scale based upon need (ranging from $100 - $175). You may apply for a sliding scale fee by requesting an application; submission of the application does not guarantee your rate. If you would like more specific information regarding how to qualify, etc., please call, text or e-mail me.

Do you accept Insurance?

I do not accept insurance. It is possible for insurance to reimburse part or all of the fees incurred from therapy. It is important to check with your insurance company to understand your coverage regarding mental health benefits. I would be considered an “Out of Network” provider. I can send you an invoice at the end of each session or monthly that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I still require payment in full up front.

Do you Accept HSA or Flex Plans?

If you have a HSA or Flex plan, it is possible, depending on the terms of this plan, to use these funds to pay for therapy. Again, please make sure to check with your HSA or Flex Plan provider to ensure that mental health appointments qualify for reimbursement. This option also requires you to pay up front. If you have a card for this service, I can accept that card. 

How Do I Schedule my First Appointment?

To get started please, you may call me directly at 615-669-6075.  You can also click on the contact link to send a direct message.  I will follow up with you in order to provide any additional information needed. Before taking you on as a client, I will schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if I might be the right therapist for you. 

How Do I Get to Your Office?
My office is located at 315 Deaderick St. Ste. 1747, which is in in the UBS Building in Downtown Nashville. When you arrive to the building, you will need to check in at the security desk. Put Suite 1700 as your location in order to protect your confidentiality. They will direct you to the elevators. When you arrive on the 17th floor, let the receptionist know you are there to see me. I will meet you in the main area. 

When I Get to Your Office, Where do I Park?
There is parking available in the building during the building's regular office hours 8am-5pm. I do not reimburse parking charges. Given that the office is centrally located downtown, other good options are Rideshare companies and Public Transportation.

What do I Need to do Prior to my First Appointment?
After we schedule your first appointment, I will send you a link to complete your opening paperwork online. This process should take you approximately 15-20 minutes and includes a client intake form, my policies and procedures, HIPAA information, and a credit card authorization form. With these forms completed prior to the session, we are able to take care of a few housekeeping details and use the remaining time to discuss the issues that bring you to therapy. I request that you complete this paperwork 24 hours before our first appointment. 

What Should I Expect on My First Visit?

At your first appointment I like to introduce myself and my approach to therapy. During this session I will get to know you and what brings you to therapy. We will also review confidentiality, and I may have follow up questions regarding your responses to the initial paperwork. I invite you to bring in any questions you may have about our work together or my style of therapy. 

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