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Sex Therapy


You crave an emotionally and physically fulfilling sexual life, but something is getting in the way.  Whether your issues are related to arousal, desire, orgasm, intimacy, identity or pain, I strive to create a safe, confidential, non-judgmental place for you to explore your sexuality. As the range of factors that impact your sexuality are varied, I may collaborate with other skilled health professionals such as urologists, gynecologists and pelvic floor physical therapists to help you achieve your treatment goals. 


Please note that sex therapy does not involve taking off your clothes

or any type of physical touch.  

Sex therapy may address: 

•  Performance anxiety

•  Differing sexual styles or preferences within a relationship

•  Sexual trauma or unwanted touch

•  Sexuality and sexual expression

•  Sexual and emotional intimacy 

•  Body image concerns

•  Changes in sexual functioning as a result of medical reasons

•  Sexual orientation and gender identity  

•  Constraints to sexuality such as religious/spiritual or cultural expectations 

•  Sexual functioning, such as:

-  erectile functioning

-  rapid or delayed ejaculation

-  inability to achieve orgasm

-  vaginal pain

-  restrictions in vulvar penetration

-  lack of sexual desire

-  other concerns

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